Workplace by day, live music venue by night?

Yesterday I highlighted ‘those lucky Macromedia employees’, but they got nothing on those who work at the Affinity Lab, or should I say work and play… and rock…

The topmost images show the ‘Lab’ (as it is affectionately called) by day, with over a dozen or so entrepreneurs working on their own businesses at their own workspaces around a common ‘living room’ (with kitchen.) ‘Lab members’ commonly collaborate on projects, and every so often they gather for birthdays, goodbyes, politically incorrect discussions…

At night the lab hosts events at least twice a month – happy hours, movie nights, silent auction here, fashion show there, but last Saturday night, lab co-founder Robbe Richman took the workplace where no one has taken it before – it not only became a live music venue with a live band (complete with bouncer at the door), but with a karaoke twist. That’s right, the audience provided the singing talent (and sometimes even the musical talent), and it was a smashing success.

At the dawn of the experience economy, people were witnessing the future of entertainment in multiple facets, and you know what? Word from attendees is that it was one of the best parties they’ve ever been to. Since I ‘work’ at the lab as well, I’m hoping this event was the ‘first annual’ – are you listening Robbe?

  • david barhorst

    A good friend of mine started a cover band three years ago for his 40th birthday that features a dozen or so friends and family as singers. What a hoot watching Simon, his 11 year old son, belt out the Sex Pistols. Mine was Powderfinger by Neil Young. The encore was a crowd ensemble, punk rock, over the top version of Sweet Jane. He has done it now for three years which has led to him converting his garage into a sound studio for rehearsals (imagine telling your teenage kids that your going to Mr. Levine’s garage for band rehearsal with Mom, who is just going to hang out.) There is now talk of a rockumentary.

    I too think it to be one of the most fun parties ever!