Have WiFi, will prosper

To the next generation, a downtown just isn’t complete without free WiFi, as highlighted yesterday. So where are these cities?

Intel has put together a nice list – here’s their Most Unwired Cities.

1. Seattle Metro, WA (pictured)
2. San Francisco Bay Area, CA
3. Austin Metro, TX
4. Portland, OR
5. Toledo, OH
6. Atlanta, GA
7. Denver, CO
8. Raleigh-Durham Metro, NC
9. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
10. Orange County, CA
11. San Diego, CA
12. Chicago, IL
13. Boston, MA
14. Washington, DC
15. Colorado Springs, CO

It should be no surprise then, that many of these cities rank high on the creative class index, as well as economic performance and culture in general. Seattle is especially on quite a roll – they were just named Most Livable City by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

How important is WiFi to you? Speak your mind below…

  • Zippy

    Toledo??? I grew up there. Trust me, there is no industrial or economic activity taking place in that city.

  • Zippy

    You know whats sad. That my wireless service which is free for my computer is actually faster than my dsl serice that i pay for. I see why ISP’s don’t want Wifi in the cities.