Madison, Wisconsin – Where pedestrians truly come first

Madison, Wisconsin regularly tops the Best Places to Live list, and even Forbes’s Best Places For Business.

However, the one thing that’s most apparent when experiencing Madison is that fact that pedestrians, or people rather, take priority over anything else. For instance:

– The main street, State Street, is only 24 feet wide, and closed to only buses, delivery trucks and taxis. What you see at night however, is people jogging, walking and bicycling, since the buses are few and far between, the delivery trucks are no longer running, and believe it or not, it’s very rare to find a cab (speaking from experience) since everyone’s walking or biking…

– It’s been named one of the ‘Best Bike Towns in the County’ and it’s evident why – there are more bicycles on the streets than cars, more parked bikes than parked cars, more bike stores than car part shops.

– Then there’s tomorrow’s event…

  • Garrick

    Not only is State street walker friendly, but the entire town is. Very rarely do you ever see a street with a speedlimit above 30-35, and that would even include major, 5-lane streets.

    There is very little urban sprawl, and when travelling from one side of the city to the other, you rarely leave a residential neighborhood (thus the low speed limits).