Cool is ‘Not So Big

A few years ago while running the National Town Builders Association (NTBA), I hosted a round table with Sarah Susanka, author of The Not So Big House. Her book was just starting to gain notoriety (it was #1 on Amazon at one point), and I felt she should meet members of the NTBA whose mission as a trade organization was (and still is) building entire communities of not so big homes.

A few months later, the sequel to her best-seller, Creating the Not So Big House, featured the very members she met at that round table, in a chapter dedicated entirely to the aforementioned communities.

It also helps she grew up near London, where you’ll find some of the best examples of cozy homes among beautiful streets. This week I’ll apply the principles of Sarah’s ‘not so big’ to CoolTowns, because they’re an even better fit there.

If anyone has examples of not so big homes (or workplaces), speak your mind below…

  • Mary

    I love the idea of making due with less! I hate the giant homes with 2- and 3-car garages, that house two or three people! Also, each child does not necessarily need his or her own room, and playroom, and one family doesn’t need two or three sitting rooms, depending on the activity and formality of occasion!

    Too much space, too little function. And the family members never see one another in these giant superhomes they’re living in! I think that contributes to less closeness among family members, and too much “alone time” for “little young ‘uns”. ; ) This is coming from a chick who grew up in an 8-room house with three siblings.

    Also: crazy heating and cooling bills, and higher taxes!

    Good deal! Keep up the good work! One day, I hope to have a smallish and cozy abode of my own, and I will certainly consult “The Not-So-Big House”!